[Rant] AT&T takes the liberty to swap Galaxy Note 7 retail box with their ugly, flimsy packaging

As you all know, the Galaxy Note 7 is not a cheap phone by any means. Sitting at close to a $1000 with taxes, it is one of the most expensive Android phones around. With a price tag that high, you’d expect to get the phone with whatever Samsung decided to package it in. They usually use a really nice and durable box with their logo on it and yes, it does look premium as it should be (see picture below).


On Monday, I picked up my AT&T Black Onyx Note 7 to find out that it is packaged in the ugly-flimsy carrier blue box. The phone is probably safer being on its own than inside it.

I call this practice bullshit. For $930, I expect to get an original sturdy Samsung box just like other carriers did for their customers. Not only you bloat the phone with your crappy apps that no one uses but you also swapped the packaging with a cheap one and charged the same price as your competitors.

Samsung has also a part to play in this. I don’t understand why the number one cellphone manufacturer in the world has to allow carriers to F*** around with its phones. This is on you too Samsung.

AT&T, if you’re going to charge your customers full price for a phone, please keep your branding yourself and offer it the way it is supposed to be.

Thank you,

A long time customer

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