PSA: New Android Pay & Security Solution

Has your Google Wallet app updated to the new Android Pay? Are you frustrated that there are now two different apps for Google Wallet payments and tap to pay Android Pay? I cannot offer up any help for that unfortunately. Google chose to update the old Wallet app to Android Pay just for tap to pay and create a entirely new Wallet app for transferring money. It is what it is.Screenshot_2015-09-21-10-50-06

What I have been reading is how many people have been complaining about Android Pay not working on rooted phone or customer ROMS. I cannot help you with that either. Sorry.


The biggest complaint seems to be the requirement of a device lock pin. With the old Google Wallet you were only required to enter

a pin to enter the Wallet app. Most people not worried about security prefer no lock on their device and it seems to really have upset the internets. I can offer up some advice in this department. My employer recently upgraded to Outlook 365 so I migrated to the official Microsoft Outlook app. I love the function and material design. It too requires a full device pin lock as per my employer’s security. I was upset about this. I do not prefer to enter a pin every time I pick up my device.

Enter the easiest solution: Smart Lock. I never had a need to use this feature in the past but I now find it to be one of the most useful features since being introduced with Android Kit Kat. Chances are, at this point, if you are interested in using Android Pay, you most likely have some sort of connected devices you use regularly. Bluetooth in your car? Android Wear watch? Do not want to enter that PIN? Simply add your devices as Trusted Devices. When connect to these trusted devices, you won’t be asked to enter your PIN!

Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-59-23 Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-59-42Don’t use and connected devices to add to the Trusted Devices? Google has you covered there too! Solution: Trusted Places. You can designate GPS locations as Trusted places that you will not have to use your PIN to unlock. Add your workplace or your Home. Or any other place you do not want to enter your PIN.

These solutions are built in your phone. These are not workarounds or third party apps. These are designed to offer you security without forcing you to unlock your device 100x a day. Do not let the new security requirements of Android Pay stop you from using the mobile payment solution!

Craig has been an Android user since the G1, perhaps that is why he tends to favor the HTC flavor when it comes to his Android devices. With 7+ years of mobile phone retail management experience, Craig is in touch with both the techie and the everyday consumer. Follow him on Twitter: @CraigP17

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