[Promo] Save $100 on the unlocked HTC 10 and get free $100 worth of accessories

HTC announced today the’re running a new promo on the newly released HTC 10. Starting today, you can save $100 on the unlocked model if bought directly from HTC.com. On top of that, you  will get $100 worth of HTC accessories for free. If you bought the phone elsewhere, you can still take advantage of the accessories deal as long as you furnish a receipt. Here is the official wording from the manufacturer:

Starting today, July 12 through July 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT, HTC is offering a promotion with the purchase of the HTC 10. 

The details follow:

+ $100 off HTC 10 at htc.com, this includes UH-OH Protection, a free service that comes with the purchase of HTC 10 from HTC.com. HTC will replace the HTC 10 for free if the screen cracks or there is water damage during the first 12 months of owning it.

+ $100 credit for accessories on htc.com with proof of HTC 10 purchase from any retailer/channel (excludes Vive accessories)

I recently reviewed the HTC 10 and rated it 9.7 out of 10. I still use it as my daily driver and have yet to have any issues. For more info, hit the link below.



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