PlayStation Certified HTC phones and tablets rumored for late 2012

We could soon be seeing some PlayStation games playing on HTC phones. According to sources of Pocket Lint, HTC is going to be one of the first companies outside Sony that will be getting PlayStation certification for its Android smartphones and tablets. HTC and Sony are expected to make the announcement later this, and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, could be the place where the announcement could be made.

With HTC phones getting PlayStation certification, it will means that HTC phone owners will be able to play classic PSOne titles, such as Crash Bandicoot, and more.

Sony understands the importance of mobile gaming and they know that in order to get their games in as many people’s hands, they will have to allow other phone manufacturers to offer their titles. The Sony PlayStation certification program was announced over a year ago when the Sony PlayStation Vita was launched back in Japan. Sony Entertainment CEO, and soon-to-be president and CEO of the entire Sony Corporation, Kaz Hirai, said that certification program expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border, and that it is their first cross-platform endeavor.

If HTC does go ahead and receive PlayStation certification, it will give them a slight competitive advantage over rivals like Samsung. Not only will HTC win the hearts of audiophiles with their Beats Audio, they will also go after gamers, something that other manufacturers don’t have.

According to sources, certification is expected to be awarded in the second half of 2012.

So, how do you feel about HTC getting PlayStation certification? Is this something that will entice you to purchase their phones? I, personally, think that HTC will need more than just PlayStation certification to get back in the game. I think that they will need to focus more on great high-quality phones with different designs. Let’s face it, all HTC phones look pretty much the same.

Source: Pocket Lint