Planning on buying a Sony Tablet S? Get a free 32-inch Sony Bravia TV while you’re at it (If you’re in the UK)

Want a free 32-inch Sony Bravia TV this Friday? If you’re in the UK and are willing to camp out a few hours, you could get yourself a free 32-inch Bravia TV. PC World and Currys has announced that they will be giving away free 32-inch Sony Bravia TVs to the first 100 people who purchase a Sony Tablet S at its Tottenham Court Road store. The Tablet S won’t be cheap though. The 16GB Wi-Fi model will sell for £399.99. The 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G model and the 32GB Wi-Fi model will each sell for £499.99.

So, if you’re in the vicinity and don’t mind camping out for a day or two for a free TV, head over to PC World over at Tottenham Court Road and line up for your Sony Tablet S and Free 32-inch Bravia TV.

via Pocket-Lint