Official Folio and Bluetooth keyboard cases coming to the Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is about to get some more official accessories to make it look better and more useful. In addition to the POGO dock and premium covers, it looks like some other official accessories are going to be available for the Nexus 7.

UK mobile accessory retailer Mobile Fun has information on 5 accessories for the Nexus 7 that will be manufactured by Asus. The accessories includes rotating and non-rotating stand cases, a folio case, a keyboard case, and screen protectors.

  • Rotating stand case – The case that doubles as a stand; lets you enjoy your Nexus 7 in both portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Non-rotating stand case – If you don’t see yourself watching movies in portrait mode often, then the non-rotating stand case will save you some money.
  • Folio case – Case that opens and closes like a book. Uses the Nexus 7’s built-in magnetic sensors to automatically turn off/on the display.
  • Bluetooth keyboard case – A case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Screen protectors – Standard screen protectors to protect that display on the Nexus 7.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on when these official accessories will be available for consumers to purchase. Hopefully they arrive soon and aren’t priced too high.

Source: Mobile Fun | via AC

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