NVIDIA’s quad-core processor to be called Tegra 3, promotional video leaked

The quad-core processsor that NVIDIA is working on to replace the ubiquitous Tegra 2 processor will be called the Tegra 3. It was kind of obvious, but it was never 100% confirmed. With the leaked video that you can watch below, the name of the upcoming quad-core processor is pretty much confirmed.

The Tegra 3 has been referred by its project name, Kal-El, since we first heard about it earlier this year. We were supposed to be getting quad-core tablets back in August, but delays have pushed us to where we are today. In September, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spoke to Forbes Magazine and promised us Tegra 3 powered devices by the end of the year. We should first start seeing tablets powered by the quad-core processor by the end of the year and quad-core phones as early as Q1 2012.

The first rumored Tegra 3 device will be the upcoming Asus Transformer 2, which is supposed to go on sale sometime in November for $499.

As a matter of fact, we could see NVIDIA and Asus announce the Tegra 3 and the Asus Transformer 2 in Hong Kong during the AsiaD conference.

If we’re lucky, we could see two Ice Cream Sandwich devices announced during the AsiaD conference: the Galaxy Nexus, and the Transformer 2. After all, Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to run on both phones and tablets, so it makes sense for Google to show off the two types of devices that the new OS will run on.

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