Nexus 7 latest OTA update brought Google Wallet to life

We reported a couple of days ago about the Nexus 7 receiving a new update which brought build JRO03D. Other than the usual performance enhancements, we weren’t able to find any other changes. We even thought that the local search feature was going to get yanked but that wasn’t the case. Today, Google announced that the reason why they rolled out the update is to add Google Wallet. You will now be able to use your Nexus 7 to pay for that Frapuccino instead of pulling out your wallet. Would you do that?

We’re excited to announce that an update is being pushed to Nexus 7 to allow you to use the Google Wallet app on the device. If you’re carrying this thin, ultraportable tablet in your backpack or purse, you can now tap, pay and save with Google Wallet!

via +Google Wallet