Motorola’s Nexus 6 shows up on AT&T’s site with a contract price of $49.99


Guys, the rumors about the Motorola Nexus 6 are dissipating, making place for more concrete evidence. And what’s not better than an actual major U.S. carrier such as AT&T showing the phone on its website. It even gave it its own SKU and URL. The SKU is 7330571 and URL is by the way.

Clicking on the above address will not take you to the Nexus 6 listing. You’d have to take a different route. You need to go to the LG Vigor page and then look on the right of the page and scroll down a bit until you see a widget with the wording ‘Motorola Nexus.’ Don’t worry too much about the LG G3 Vigor picture though-at least for now.

Don’t hold your breath on the pricing yet. AT&T is probably getting ready to make its own announcement and nothing is final yet.

This is great news folks. It looks like Google is going to sell its Nexus 6, not only via the Play Store, but also through major carriers like AT&T – maybe that Verizon N6 is real after all.

Man it feel like Christmas….Is your wallet ready?

via AT&T | AP