New sub-$100 Google TV box coming from Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense

The number of Google TV products is about to increase by one by the end of this year. Hisense, a Chinese company is getting ready to announce a sub-$100 Google TV set-top box. The news was confirmed by both Google and Hisense. The new Google TV set-top box is ready to be shown off at this year’s IFA 2012 conference which is taking place in Berlin.

Mickey Kim, a Google TV partner manager had this to say about Hisense and their upcoming Google TV box:

“Hisense adds even more innovation to the growing list of Google TV-powered devices available around the world. We’re working closely with partners like Hisense to bring services from Google and multiple other providers to your TV with an experience tailored for the living room,”

It’s nice to know that there will be more affordable options for Google TV. Vizio already has their $99 Co-Star, and I’m sure that nobody is complaining about more affordable Google TV set-top boxes coming to market.

We’ll be sure to bring you the latest on this Google TV box from Hisense as soon as it’s announced next week at IFA 2012.

Source: PC World

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