New smartphone buyers in the U.S. increasingly choose Android over iOS and others smartphone OS’s

More consumers are choosing Android over other smartphone operating systems, according to a new report by Nielsen. Although Android commands the U.S. smartphone market with over 43% of market share, over 56% of the people polled who purchased a smartphone in the past 3 months said that they chose an Android device. The preference of the people who recently purchased smartphones is important because it’s an indicator of where the market is heading, and for Android that can only mean one thing: up.

While Apple trails in at second with 28% of the U.S. smartphone market share, only 28% of those people polled who recently purchased a smartphone said that they chose an iPhone. Nielsen warns that the 28% number for those who recently chose an iPhone as their smartphone of choice in the past 3 months could change once Apple announces their next iPhone, which will most likely take place on October 5.

via Nielsen Blog