New Netflix app (version 1.3) works perfectly on many Honeycomb tablets

Looks like Netflix made a small mistake yesterday. They updated the Netflix app’s description but the actual updated Netflix file was never uploaded to the Market servers, so while people saw the new descriptions, showing support for many new devices, they were still downloading the old application, which didn’t work.

Well, the application has been updated and Netflix is working on a bunch of devices now, including many Honeycomb tablets. Although the official changelog doesn’t mention tablets and the app doesn’t appear in the Market for tablets, if you manage to download and install it on your tablet, it should work fine. There have been some reports of it not working on some Asus Eee Pad Transformer models.

This is great news, especially after Lenovo announced that they were launching the first Netflix certified tablet.

Remember, this isn’t a modified version of the Netflix install. It’s the actual APK that is on the Android Market at the moment. It has simply been extracted from a working phone and made available for everyone to enjoy. To get started, simply download and install Netflix on your tablet.

Download: Netflix.apk

via GottaBeMobile

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