New Motorola Xoom Family Edition comes preloaded with Zoodles kid app

It looks like Motorola is getting ready to release a version of the Motorola Xoom for kids. The following pictures are of the Motorola Xoom Family Edition. What makes the Family Edition of the Motorola Xoom different from the original Xoom is the Zoodles app that it comes with.

The Zoodles app allows you to safely hand over your tablet/phone to your kid without worrying about numbers being dialed, websites being visited, apps being deleted, and more. Once the Zoodles app is running, it creates a sandbox within your device filled with fun games that the kids can have fun with.

Now I know that many of you have children, and I know that if you do have children, they probably want to play around with your gadgets at all times. My 5-month old daughter is always lunging for my Droid Bionic whenever she gets the opportunity.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much in terms of pricing, release date, or product specs. Based on the pics, we know that it will feature a 10.1-inch display, Android 3.1 Honeycomb, and $40 worth of software, including the Zoodles.

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via Engadget