Motorola Xoom May Be Heading To AT&T After All

This isn’t a surprise, Motorola is trying to get their Xoom tablet approved by the FCC to allow AT&T and maybe other GSM carriers to sell the Android tablet. the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands which are the GSM and UMTS protocols, compatible with AT&T network. I have been waiting for Motorola to do such a move since their CDMA version has surfaced, hopefully it will stand up to the all-mighty iPad.

Sprint has also announced its plans on carrying the Motorola Xoom which means that AT&T might want a piece of it as well to add to its poor Android tablet lineup. It is still unclear if this “Hand Held Device” will definitely have the same name as the Xoom or even be the same tablet. So here is to hoping that we will see the Xoom or a Motorola Android tablet coming to AT&T.

via TFTS