Motorola Xoom 4G LTE upgrade coming in September

The day that many Motorola Xoom owners have been waiting for, myself included, has finally arrived. We finally have some information on when the long awaited 4G LTE upgrade is going to take place. According to documents, which you’ll find below, the 4G upgrade on the Xooms will begin sometime in September.

Motorola Xoom update is coming in September (click to enlarge)

Verizon is getting ready to send out emails to Xoom owners to let them know of the upcoming update process. The process should take a few days because it will require you to send out your Xoom in order to for Motorola techs to replace the 3G card with the faster 4G LTE card.

It’s about time that we’re getting some news about this upgrade. Just a couple of weeks ago, the 4G LTE module passed through the FCC, making us speculate that the upgrade was around the corner. September is still a month away, so there’s still some waiting for us to do. In the mean time, many will be enjoying 4G LTE speeds on their brand new 4G Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is set to launch on July 28.

via Droid-Life