Motorola not keeping their promise to unlock bootloaders is causing turmoil

One of our Facebook fans just reached out to us to let us know that another petition against Motorola has been started over at Its goal is to remind them that their customers have not forgotten about their promise to unlock the bootloaders on their devices by the end of 2011. A similar petition was started back in March which generated over 11,240 signatures which wasn’t enough to make Moto re-think their position on encrypting the bootloaders on their phones.

You may not be into hacking your android devices and all, but unlocking a phone’s bootloader gets you custom ROMs and lets you get total control of your device. If you want to voice your concern, you can head to the XDA Forums and participate in the discussion that has already brought a slew of angry comments. You can also sign the petition if you’d like to make a difference.

via Facebook, XDA , Petition