Motorola Mobility announces two new smartphones, the Motorola MOTOLUXE and Motorola DEFY Mini

Today, Motorola announced that it was beefing up its smartphone portfolio with the addition of two new Android-powered smartphones, the Motorola Motoluxe and the Motorola Defy Mini.

The Motoluxe features a 4-inch display, 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, VGA front-facing camera, a 1400mAh battery that offers 6.5 hours of talk time and 19 days of standby time. Also available on the Motoluxe is the addition of a lanyard slot that doubles as a notification light.

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The Motorola Defy Mini features a smaller 3.2-inch display fortified with Corning’s Gorilla Glass. It features both front and rear-facing cameras at VGA and 3-megapixel quality, respectively, a 1650mAh battery that is good for 10 hours of talk time and 21 days of standby time.

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Both phones will be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Availability of these phones is a little confusing based on Motorola’s press release. According to the press release, the phones will be available in Greater China, Europe, and Latin America starting this spring. At the same time, the PR states that the phones are already available in China as the XT615 and XT320 and will be available in Greater China, Europe, and Latin America starting in February.

So at the moment, we’re not sure if February is the launch period or sometime this Spring. Either way, we’ll get more information when we head out to CES 2012 next week!

Source: Motorola

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