Motorola Google Nexus 6 spotted in the hands of a commuter reading (updated)


These past couple of days have been all about the upcoming Nexus 6. People are wondering about what made Google go with (if they are) with a 5.9-inch display instead of the usual 5 inches or so. It is going be a big phone and we all have to deal with it. This guy made a video to make sure you know what to expect with the Shamu.

The latest piece of news comes to us from Android Police who received a picture of a commuter in a bus, somewhere, with what looks like the Nexus 6 in his hands. The phone is in some type of case with the volume buttons placed in the middle, on the right side, (somewhat like the OnePlus One). On the bottom, you can see the speakers with a chromed-grill ( I don’t like it). The status bar shows Android-L-like network and battery bars. As far as what this person is reading (haha), he’s on reading about ‘when to book your thanksgiving travel‘- I had to find out. For comparison’s sake, someone published this picture:


If you’re looking for pure stock Android experience, a Nexus phone is what you have to get. If you can get over the big display, the Nexus 6 Shamu should be the Android phone ever!

Update: hhere is another picture of the phone taken from  another angle.


via Android Police

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