Motorola Droid 4 rooted with one-click method (also works on Droid 3, RAZR, and Bionic)

Just a day after it was released to the public, the Motorola Droid 4 has been rooted. Root was acquired by security consultant Dan Rosenberg. Dan was nice enough to package all the necessary files into one downloadable file that quickly roots the Droid 4 with nothing but a single click.

If that wasn’t good enough, this single-click root method also works for the Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid RAZR. So you’re getting root access for four Motorola phones with one simple program! So, if you have the Droid 4 or any of the phones mentioned above, you should download Dan’s root files and get things rooted.

The application only works for Windows computers and you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary Motorola Drivers and that your phone is set to USB debugging mode.

Failed Bounty Experiment

Dan decided to try something new with the release of this root method for the Droid 4. He decided to set up a $500 bounty for the release of the root method. The first $200 would have gone to him, in exchange for working hard on discovering the root method; the $200 would have been used to buy himself a Droid 4, which I think is a fair exchange. The remaining $300 would be donated to charity, to the American Red Cross. I think that Dan’s Bounty was a good idea. He would have gotten rewarded for his hard work, we would’ve received root on our phones, and the American Red Cross would have received $300. Everybody was to be a winner.

Unfortunately, some members of the Android community thought that this was unacceptable. Some members of the Android community don’t think that developers should be rewarded for their hard work. Because of the negative response from the Android community, Dan decided to not reward himself and instead, donate the entire $500 to charity. While it’s a super win for the charity, it’s not a win for Dan.

While Android is open source, we must not forget that the people who work so hard to find root exploit and build custom ROMS do so out of their free time and that it’s a lot of work. The next time someone asks for a small reward in exchange for something as big as root on a brand new phone, especially one day after its release. Say thank you and give what you can. Thousands of people will end up using this root exploit. I think that a $200 reward for a new phone isn’t a lot to ask a community of millions.

Source: Dan Rosenberg

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