Motorola Camera and Gallery apps receive updates with Material Design flair

motorola-camera-1 motorola-camera-2
Motorola is a busy company right now. They’re releasing phones all over the place and that didn’t keep them from updating their Camera and Gallery apps. Although these are what we consider major updates, they bring a more refined look to both apps with material design in mind.

The Motorola Camera updated app brings “convenient timer,” “twist to switch to front camera” (only on Moto X, Droid Ultra and Droid Turbo) and of course Material design. Overall, it looks more refined and colorful.

motorola-gallery-1 motorola-gallery-2 motorola-gallery-3
The Motorola Gallery update adds a nice green color, responsive design and performance improvements. Now if only, Moto thinks about updating the app’s icon. Hit the link below to grab the new updates.

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[pb-app-box pname=’com.motorola.MotGallery2′ name=’Motorola Gallery’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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