Motorola Atrix 4G 4.1.83 update may release on May 3rd

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we were able to learn that Motorola is planning to release the 4.1.83 update for the Atrix 4G on Tuesday, May 3rd. The beta testing for this update which is supposed to enable HSUPA ion the Atrix and fix other issues, has been closed and Motorola’s engineers are preparing to launch the update to the general public.

As we exclusively reported, the 4.1.83 update for the Atrix 4G is supposed to “uncripple” the dual-core phone by enabling HSUPA and fixing other issues such as screen freeze, Skype, Wi-Fi and voice quality issues. Some Beta-testers of this update haven’t gotten the update yet and it looks like they will have to wait just like anybody else to update their devices. The other option for the impatient would be to root your phone and then flash it with the 4.1.83 update SBF using RSD Lite (at your own risk).

The previous update (4.1.57) for the Atrix 4G has been released on a Tuesday which leads us to think that May 3rd will be the launch date of the 4.1.83 update for the Motorola Atrix 4G.

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