Moto 360 battery life ‘dramatically improved’ thanks to latest update (YMMV)


The Moto 360 was most anticipated Android Wear smart watches in the tech community. Upon its release, many users and media members reported that its battery life isn’t a great as everyone as expected . In fact, Samsung and LG Android Wear watches were better in that department. That may not be the case anymore according to some Reddit users. They claim that the latest OTA update KGW42R has ‘dramatically improved’ their Moto 360’s battery life.

With the new update, my watch has been off the charger for 30 hours and I still have 53% left. This is nuts. I’m going to turn the ambient mode on after my next recharge to see how that fairs. Moto must have made a deal with our Lord Cthulhu on this software update.

While I cannot vouch for the above statement (had to send mine back because of dead pixels), this could possibly be a case of placebo effect. The changelog of the update did not mention anything related to battery life except for ‘bug fixes.’ Unlike most Android devices that have a battery life tracking system embedded, Android Wear doesn’t offer it yet. Measuring the Moto 360 battery life will then be a case per case thing.

Any of you Moto 360 see a better battery life? Let us know down below.

via Reddit

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