Meet the i’mWatch, an Android powered smartwatch that connects to your phone via Bluetooth

One of the great things about Android is that you can put it on almost anything. With that in mind, meet the i’mWatch. The i’mWatch is a Dick Tracy-like watch that is powered by Android. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you instant access to news, weather, sms, Facebook, and more, right on your wrist.

To be specific, the i’mWatch allows you to do the following, all from your wrist:

  • View the time in digital and analogue formats
  • Receive calls while keeping your phone in your pocket
  • Make calls
  • Talk using the built-in speakerphone
  • Receive text messages and emails
  • Check the weather
  • Get Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare notifications
  • Listen to music
  • Download apps from the i’mStore
  • View pictures
  • Get stock market data
  • View calendar data

The i’mWatch is powered by a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 processor and comes with 64MB of RAM and 4GB on internal storage. Its 600mAh battery gives you two hours of talk time and up to 48 hours of standby time.

The i’mWatch is now available for pre-order; it’s not cheap though. You will have to shell out €249, which is about $360. Keep in mind that the price includes the usual 20% VAT. The €249 price is for pre-orders and is valid until June 30, 2011. After June 30, pre-orders prices jump to €299. If you pre-order, you will have to put down at least 20%.

If money is not an issue for you, you can get an i’mWatch made out titanium, yellow gold, pink gold, white gold & diamonds, black gold, or any fine material you’d like. The prices for these models range from €599 for the titanium model to €14,999 for the white gold and diamond model.

For more information and to pre-order, visit The i’mWatch will be available in October 2011.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Youtube link for mobile viewing

via Android Central

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