LG’s upcoming Optimus Vu phone/tablet gets demoed on camera

Interested in LG’s upcoming 5-inch Optimus Vu phone? You might want to take a look at the following video of the device being demonstrated. Although the text is in Korean, you pretty much get the idea that this phone is huge and its 4:3 aspect ratio just makes it look weird. In the video, web browsing and note taking are demonstrated, which are two things that users of this phone will appreciate with its large display.

The video also shows of the phone’s thinness. At 8.5mm, it is a very thin phone for all the features and specs that it packs. Interestingly, LG decided to include a dedicated button just to bring up the pen tools for note taking with the stylus. Unfortunately, the stylus isn’t demoed on this video.

We’ll be finding out more on the Optimus Vu is just a few days when Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

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Via Netbook News

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