LG Thrill 4G release date leaked for August 7

The LG Thrill 4G also known as the Optimus 3D was announced a while ago by AT&T but hasn’t actually gotten an official release date. A leaked screenshot from RadioShack’s internal retail systems suggests that they started taking pre-orders of the LG 3D phone as of today and that it will “not officially be available until August 7.”

LG Thrill 4G seekers will have to drop $50 on a gift card if they want to secure their rights on the phone. The surprising part is that it will only cost $79.99 with a two-year contract which isn’t bad at all considering all the features that it has. LG will be organizing “LG Thrill Private Event” on July 25th” and that could be a good indicator that August 7 may very well be the official release of the Thrill 4G.

via Engadget