Leaked slides give more details on Sprint’s upcoming NFC mobile payment solution

Sprint is working on its own NFC-based mobile payment system that will compete against Google Wallet and Isis. We first heard about Sprint’s plan for a mobile payment system this past weekend. The system, known as Touch, will allow users to pay for things by tapping their phones on an NFC reader, just like Google Wallet.

The guys over at Android Central have obtained some slides that give some insight on how Sprint’s mobile payment system will work. According to the slide, it looks like Sprint Touch will work the way Google Wallet does. Users will have to enter a 4 digit security pin to unlock their device. Once the device is unlocked, a main screen will be presented which will give the user different options such as accessing loyalty cards, credit cards, and more. If the phone is tapped on an NFC reader, the credit card screen is presented.

While it’s nice that Sprint is trying to do their own thing, it would be good if they all agreed on one standard and all worked together. Sprint will have Touch; T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon will have Isis, and Google will have Google Wallet. With Sprint being the only carrier to officially support Google Wallet on all of their Android NFC devices, it’s interesting to see what Google will do to try get Wallet into more people’s hands.

Source: AC

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