It’s official: Galaxy S III launch on Verizon Wireless pushed back to July 12

It’s looks like the Verizon Galaxy S III launch delay is official. After going ahead and updating one of their images on their website to show that the phone was going to be available to purchase on July 12, Verizon has gone ahead and made things official by posting the news on their official news site. They simply changed the date on the July 10 story to reflect the new launch date.

There’s still no work on why the phone is being pushed back 2 extra days. Despite a new July 12 launch date, those who pre-order the phone from this point on are now greeted with a Ship By date of July 12. If you pre-ordered the phone prior to this new date, chances are that you will be receiving your phone sooner.

If you’re thinking about getting the Galaxy S III on Verizon Wireless, I suggest you just wait until the 12 and walk into your local Verizon Wireless store.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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