Is the Samsung Galaxy S III launching in Canada on June 20?

According to a leaked image obtained by the folks over at Mobile Syrup, Canadian might be able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 20. The ad, which appears to be from Best Buy, has a picture of both variants of the Galaxy S III with an available date of June 20. Also displayed on the ad are all the major Canadian carriers: Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile.

So far, the only confirmed release date that we have for the Galaxy S III is the European release, which is happening on Wednesday, May 30. In regards to North America and other parts of the world getting the device, the only thing we’ve heard from Samsung is that it will be available “this summer”.

While the Canadian advert looks legit, let’s not forget that June 20 is still far away and that anything can change between now and then (if the date is correct). Until then, we’ll just have to wait and watch our friends in Europe enjoy the latest Galaxy S phone!

Source: Mobile Syrup

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