Is Samsung working on a U.S. version of the Galaxy Note?

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been around for over a month. Many people in Europe and Asia have enjoying the huge 5.3-inch phone/tablet, and many people in South Korea will soon be enjoying a 4G LTE version of the popular device. But what about us folks in the U.S and North America? Has Samsung forgotten about us? Maybe not.

It looks like Samsung is working on a revised model of the Galaxy Note for a U.S. release. PocketNow was able to obtain some pictures of what appears to be a modified Galaxy Note. You can tell that the device in the above photo is a Galaxy Note because of the location of the stylus holder along the button of the phone. You can also see that the device has been modified to include the 4 capacitive touch buttons that we’re used to seeing in Samsung devices (or any Android device, really) in the U.S. and North America. The Galaxy Note that is currently available overseas contains 3 buttons, with one of the 3 being a physical button.

Hopefully, these design changes that are being done to the Galaxy Note are being done for a U.S. launch. Despite its big size, many people have been extremely curious about having a hybrid phone/tablet.

Bring it on, Samsung. We’re waiting!

Source: PocketNow