Is Samsung releasing a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Note at MWC?

Samsung could be releasing a bigger version of the popular Galaxy Note, if information dug up by The Verge turns out to be correct. The Verge was able to find reference to a device called the Galaxy Note 10.1. The name Galaxy Note 10.1 appeared on Samsung’s invitation to a developer conference that the company will be hosting during Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy Note 10.1 name appears next to the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note and the Samsung Wave 3 and Wave Y Bada phones.

One might thing that this was just a simple mistake by Samsung, but that might not be the case. The developer day conference that Samsung will be hosting during Mobile World Congress will focus around developing applications using Samsung’s SDK for their S Pen, Samsung’s Wacom inductive stylus that comes, and their Bada 2.0 operating system. Since original Galaxy Tab doesn’t utilize an S Pen, it’s safe to say that Samsung didn’t write a type and will most-likely be announcing a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Note.

Galaxy Note 10.1 casting call

If you needed more proof, The Verge did some more detective work and found a casting call ad for a Samsung commercial. The casting call sought a “Teen Student” who would use his Galaxy Note 10.1 to record, take pictures, edit and more. The ad also states that the commercial would show a Galaxy Note 10.1 used for education, financial planning, and art. If that’s not more proof, then I don’t know what is.

I can understand if there was a typo in the developer conference page, but a typo for a casting call. I don’t think so. We’ll be finding out more at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona in 2 weeks.

Source: The Verge | Backstage (Google Cache)

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