Is Google planning on opening a Google Store in Dublin?

It looks like Google is planning on opening up a store at its headquarters in Dublin. The information about a potential Google Store was revealed in a local planning application submitted to the city of Dublin.

The Google Store would be open to the public and sell unspecified Google merchandise. If opened, the Google Store in Dublin would be 123 square meters (1,323 square feet) and would include a mezzanine floor extension that would be used by “business partners and contributors” who visit and don’t need full access to the building, according to the document. The mezzanine unit will be visible from the public street and will create interest and animation.

Although this won’t be Google’s first attempt at selling merchandise through a physical store, it would be the company’s biggest, if it ever happens. Previously, Google has tested the waters by selling its Chromebooks inside a small Google store located inside the London branch of Currys and PC World, two major stores owned by Dixons Retail. Online at, Google sells many Google branded merchandise such as clothing, pens, and more, to consumers all over the world. Last but not least, the company also has store at its headquarters in California, but the store is not open to the public.

If Google goes ahead with this plan, they would follow the footstep of Apple, which currently has over 361 stores throughout the world to help push the sales of its iPhones, iPads, and other iProducts. Microsoft also has a number of stores throughout the United States.

In an email statement, Google said “While we do have the option to open retail space, we are examining all potential uses…no final decision has been taken”.

Source: Bloomberg | Business Week

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