Instagram for Android receives another update, now works with HTC One X and other Tegra 3 devices

Less than a week after it was released to the Android Army, Instagram has been updated, again. With this update, users of the newly-released quad-core HTC One X will now be able to join the fun. In addition to adding support for Tegra 3 devices, the update also fixes a couple of things here and there. You can see the complete changelog below.

Since it was released for Android, Instagram has been downloaded over 5 million times in 6 days and was acquired by Facebook for a cool $1 billion. Let’s hope that the updates continue to roll out!

What’s new in Instagram version 1.0.4

  • Bug fixes for tablet users
  • Location for photo geotag is updated more often
  • Fixed Instagram photos not appearing in gallery
  • Better support for Nvidia Tegra 3 handsets/tablets
  • Increased device support for Instagram built-in camera and filters, including the HTC One X

To get the update, head over to the Google Play store or scan the QR code below!

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Google Play Store

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