Infographic: The growing threat of Mobile Malware

As Smartphone become more popular, the threat of malware and viruses increase. This is not only an Android problem, but a problem for all smartphone operating systems. Yes, the problem is more noticeable on Android due to its openness and because of the lack of a review process before applications are added to the Market. What was once a problem for only laptop, desktops, and netbooks, is now a problem for the device you keep near you at all times.

According to the data in the infographic, Android malware skyrocketed 400% in the 6 months from June 2010 to January 2010. During that time, 80 applications were removed from the Android Market and over 250,000 users has been affected. To protect yourself from malware on your Android device, make sure that you educate yourself and know what’s going on. Don’t download apps from un trusted sources, and always check out an apps permission before installing. Make sure that you check out the “How they get you” and the “Protect your mobile device” sections of the infographic. Those two sections provides some good information that can prevent you from being a victim.

Source: BullGuard via GottaBeMobile