In Russia, downloading 419GB of data over 3G in one week gets you prize

Russian carrier MegaFon wants to show its users just how truly unlimited its unlimited plan is. And to do so, the mobile carrier held a contest to see who can download the most amount of data during a 3-month period. Customers who purchased a 3G modem between November 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012 were asked to download as much data as they physically could. The person who downloaded the most amount of data during that time would receive a 150,000 ($5,000) holiday vacation courtesy of Russian travel agency Neva.

The winner of the contest managed to download over 419GB of data in just a week! Crunch that number down some more and you get a daily download rate of 59GB! While the winner was able to secure a nice vacation, the contest showed just how powerful MegaFon’s network is. According to the company, the runner ups were very close to winner in terms of data consumption.

This also showed that in Russia, unlimited means unlimited. Unlike many operators in the U.S. and across Europe who sell plans that are unlimited up to certain amount of data consumption has been achieved.

Source: C News (Russian)| via The Next Web

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