Image of 7-inch Asus tablet appears, rumored to be unveiled at CES 2012

An image of a 7-inch Asus tablet has surfaced online. The image was leaked by the guys over at Notebook Italia. According to the popular Italian tech blog, the 7-inch Asus tablet is going to be unveiled at CES 2012. No official specs on the tablet are available at the moment, but based on the ports on the bottom of the tablet in the picture above, it looks like there could be a keyboard dock accessory available for the tablet. The rumored pricing of the 7-inch tablet is $299. Think of it as a smaller Transformer Prime. Will it be powered by the new quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor or will it have a dual-core? CES is only a few days away, so we’ll be finding out soon!

Source: Notebook Italia