iFixit teardown of the Moto 360 shows battery size smaller than advertised


We all know what iFixit is all about, They tear every device on earth down to show us what is inside of it and how to repair it. Their latest endeavor was the hot Moto 360. The watch is beautiful, well designed and sold out everywhere. However, the talk of the Android community is about its battery life–It is just okay, not great.

Upon opening the Moto 360, iFixit discovered that the battery size is 300 mAh, 20 mAh smaller than what Motorola advertised. All of the other component including the aged TI OMAP 3 processor and everything else is there.

the Moto 360 ended having a level 3 out of 10 in their repairability scale. They say that the display requires complete disassembly to get replaced. the battery can be found within the inner housing. Pretty much not easy to fix, unless you’re the adventurous type.

We sure hope Motorola issues a statement about this issue as it could be a typo, a 20 mAh typo. It certainly not going to make Moto 360 seekers too excited to buy it. We reached out to them and wil lreport if we hear anything.

screenshot-by-nimbus (9)

via iFixit