HTC’s ReCamera leaks ahead of October 8 announcement, looks like an Anglehead flashlight


HTC is looking to launch something ‘Remarkable’ on October 8. They sent out invitations to the press about an event taking place on that day. The more we’re getting closer to that date, the more hints we see about what could be unveiled. A Reddit user was able to access the accessories domain where HTC had pictures of the camera and then took them down. As if they wanted us to see them…


Word on the street is that HTC is going after personal/verstaile cameras like the Go Pro. Their teaser video (below) hints at that the camera has underwater capabilities, great for outdoors, takes selfies and can be mounted on a bike. If you look at picture above, the shape of it looks like a PVC pipe elbow. The accessory shown looks like a strap that you attach to a backpack. The ReCamera doesn’t look anything like a Go Pro and it looks like it could be easier to carry around as well. Check out the picture of the Anglehead flashlight below and let us know if you see the resemblance.


via Reddit