HTC One M9 “Camera Update” roll out begins April 20 for T-Mobile, and April 21 for AT&T


You probably read it all over the news outlets. The HTC One M9 has a weak camera. HTC obviously wants to change that. They’re rolling out an update over the air to address some of the bugs that were affecting picture quality.

The Sprint and Verizon models of the M9 were first to get update which was included in their launch software. T-Mobile will follow to get the update on April 20. The AT&T M9 will get it a day later on April 21.

On top of reducing blur, HTC improved the sharpness in photos, reduced image noise and more. Here is the full changelog:

  • Reduced blur in photos thanks to enhanced exposure times
  • Increased sharpness in photos making them clear but with a less artificial feeling.
  • Reduced image noise
  • Improved low light performance and HDR processing
  • Better Auto Exposure interface performance when tapping the screen

The software version of the T-Mobile update should be¬†1.32.531.33 (AT&T’s is not available). Be on the look out starting tomorrow and hit up that “about’¬†section then software update. check out the pictures below to see the difference (top is before and bottom is after). What do you guys think?




Thanks Joey