GPS dongle for ASUS Transformer Prime pictures out in the wild; it is all but a dongle

The Transformer Prime is surely one of the best Android tablets out there but a GPS issue has been plaguing it for a while, leaving ASUS no choice but to make an actual dongle that mounts on the tablet to fix it (along with a software update). To be honest with you, when I heard about the dongle, the first thing that came up to my mind are those little USB dongles that you’ll find with wireless mice. Landofdroid was able to get some photos of what ASUS is going to bring as a fix to the Prime tablet and it sure looks huge and it definitely makes the TF-201 tablet loose its sleek looks. ASUS is rumored to announce the GPS fix tomorrow and we’ll make sure to keep you updated once they do.

Any Transformer Prime tablet owners out there interested in getting the dongle?

via Land of Droid