Google’s Larry Page wears Project Glass Google glasses while talking at Zeitgeist 2012

While talking at the Zeitgeist 2012 Beyond Talk session in London, Google CEO Larry Page showed off his Project Glass glasses, the augmented reality glasses that Google is currently working on. In the video, you Mr. Page snaps a picture of the crowd using his Project Glass eyewear and shares it with other Google employees via Google Plus, all in a matter of seconds.

Page said this about the highly-anticipated Google project:

“These are obviously Google Glass, it’s only Glass because it’s only on one side. It’s still in a bit of an early stage but I’m really excited to be able to have one. And to have it working. … It doesn’t yet show me all of your names, but I’m really glad that you’re all here.”

In the video, it appears that Larry activates the camera by taping on side on the side of the glasses that hold all the processing power. After snapping the picture, he taps the same side of the glasses once again and sends the picture off to his colleagues via Google Plus. There’s no telling if he actually took the picture; nothing appeared in his public timeline on Google Plus. If he did, hopefully he shares it with the public in the future.

In the video, Larry goes on to talk about the many different things that Google is currently working on including search, mobile, social, and more. Check out the video for yourself. Everything related to Project Glass takes place in the first 2 minutes.

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