Google working on MP3 store that will integrate with Google Music Beta

According to the New York Times, Google is working on an MP3 store that will compete with Apple and Amazon’s offerings. According to sources, Google would like to open the store in the next few weeks, hopefully before Apple’s iTunes Match cloud music service launches.

If this news is true, there is a possibility that Google could be announcing more than just Ice Cream Sandwich and a Nexus device at their October 19 event in Hong Kong.

I’m a fan of Google Music. I use it every day to listen to music when I commute, when I go out for runs, and more. I like the fact that the Music Manager app runs in the background on my PC and automagically uploads music to my Google Music Cloud. The one thing that’s missing from the service, of course, is the ability to purchase songs. That is one thing that I liked about Amazon’s Cloud Drive and MP3 service. With Amazon, I could purchase music and have it stored directly in the cloud.

Let’s see what happens with this in the next few days. Hopefully, this becomes a reality and Google makes an announcement as early as October 19 when they announce Ice Cream Sandwich.

Source: New York Times, via CNET

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