Google Voice turns on spam filtering, a telemarketer’s nightmare

In addition to updating the Google Shopper app, Google has also enhanced their calling application, Google Voice. Spam filtering is a new feature that has been added to help GV users to put a stop to unwanted callers. The best thing about this feature is that it is automatic!

You may wonder how can this spam filtering thing automatically blocks calls. Well, Google says that they have been using Google Voice users feedback on “spam calls” along with their spam identification tools, to “automatically redirect calls, texts, and voicemails from any of the numbers in our database directly into your spam folder.”

You can enable this feature on the Calls tab of Google Voice settings by checking the box next to Global SPAM filtering. And if a number ends up incorrectly marked as spam, you can easily unblock it by selecting the message and clicking the “Not Spam” button in your spam folder.

It’s funny that Google unveiled this new feature because I actually got a call today from a “Vacation Survey” company, telling me that I can win a vacation if I answer a couple of questions, yeah right!I can now say a big Goodbye to “Vacation Survey,” Thanks to Google!!

via Google Voice Blog