Google Store begins trade-in program for Pixel phones, values are not that good

With the upcoming Pixel 2 unveiling on 10/04, Google began a trade-in program on its store for folks who are looking to grab any of their phones. While this sounds great and all, the values that it gives for phones are pretty weak to say the least.

To trade your phone, all you have to do to go the Pixel phone page, pick your desired color and size, click on the Trade In tab, add your trade-in info, check out then an email will be sent to you with a prepaid shipping label and instructions.

Let’s talk about the values for a little bit. A T-Mobile Galaxy S8+ is on valued at $170 which is way way way under what it is worth at a site like Swappa – the average sold price is about $554. The highest you will get on any phone is up to $384 according to the Trade description. Let’s hope Google tweaks the program and gives better offers for folks who are interested in buying the Pixel 2 devices. What do you think?

via Google Store

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