Google schedules Android event for October 29th in New York City

Mark your calendars, folks. Google has scheduled an event for October 29th in New York City. This isn’t just any event, it’s an event related to Android, of course. At this event, it looks like Google will finally be announcing their next Nexus (or Nexuses) device(s).

So far, it looks like LG will be the next Nexus manufacturer with the LG Nexus 4, a device based on its popular Optimus G. There have been multiple rumors of Google going a different route with their Nexus program and instead of releasing just one Nexus device from one manufacturer; they could be releasing multiple Nexus devices from multiple manufacturers. So far, other candidates have been Sony, HTC, and even Motorola.

Either way, October 29 is not so far away. We will surely be finding out what tricks Google has in store for us on that day.

The event will be taking place at 10AM on October 29th in New York City. Lucky for all, Google will stream the entire event live at

via AC