Google Nexus 7 tablet coming at the end of June, according to Asus rep

The Nexus 7 tablet, Google’s upcoming $199 tablet that is being manufactured by Asus, could be announced by the end of the month. If the information provided to Android Authority is correct, we should see Google make an announcement of their Nexus tablet at the end of June during Google IO 2012. An Asus rep who wanted to remain anonymous told Android Authority that the tablet would come by the end of June. Of course, none of this is confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens at Google IO this year.

In addition to divulging information on the Google tablet, the source also said some things about other Asus products. According to the source, Asus is working hard to bring the Padfone to the Unites States. At the moment, it looks like only AT&T is going to give the device a shot.

The source also said that the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) was going to be available by the end of June in both Wi-FI and LTE models. The LTE model will be offered by AT&T. A $499 price tag was mentioned, but it wasn’t clear if that price is for the Wi-Fi model or the LTE model.

Out of the three devices mentioned above, I’m most excited about the Nexus 7 tablet and the Padfone. The tablet piques my interest because of its rumored low price. The Padfone is just a crazy device on its own! I guess we’ll be finding out more on these two devices’ launch soon.

via Android Authority