Google launches Field Trip, a new way to discover cool and unique things around you

Today, Google launched Field Trip, a new app to help you discover cool and unique things that are located around you. Field Trip runs in as a background process on your phone and automatically displays cards with interesting information about things around you.

When you get near something interesting, a card pops up on your phone with details about the location. With Field Trip on your phone, you will get interesting information on your local history, places to shop, eat, and have fun.

Highlights of Field Trip include:

  • Discover thousands of interesting places/experiences that fall under the following categories: Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers & Deals, Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Locations, Outdoor Art and Obscure Places of Interest around you.
  • Choose from three different modes to set frequency of Field Trip notifications. See “Field Trip” worthy places around you on a map, by tapping on cards in map view to pull up enthralling points of interest around you.
  • Go on a Field Trip while you drive. Field Trip can detect when you’re driving and automatically “talk” about interesting places and experience around you.
  • Capture the memory of a special place, by sharing a wondrous discovery through email and social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Wondering where the gem that you recently discovered is? Find your discovered field trip cards in the “recent’ section.
  • Field trip learns what you love. Thumbs up or down to tune the information discovery engine.

To download the app, simply head over to the Google Play store today. It’s free and compatible with phones and tablets running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above.

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