Google launches Chrome for Android Beta

The wait for Google’s popular Chrome browser to land on Android devices is finally over. Today, Google announced that Chrome for Android beta is now available in the Android Market for some to enjoy. I say some because the browser only works on devices running Google’s latest OS, Android 4.0.

Chrome for Android works on both phones and tablets, and brings the things you like about Chrome on your desktop to your mobile device.

Mobilve viewing link

I’ve only used it for a few minutes so far, and already, I can see and feel the speed improvements. The interface looks very nice and it looks and feels like you’re using Chrome!

Since it’s Chrome, you have access to your bookmarks, get smarter suggestions based on browsing history, and more. One neat addition they’ve added to the app is the ability to view tabs you’ve left open on your desktop machine directly on your mobile device.

Check out the video and pictures below and head over to the Android Market to download Chrome for Android. Remember, you must be running Android 4.0 on a phone or tablet in order to be able to download. Also, remember that this is a beta version of the browser, so things will definitely get even better with time!

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Source: Google Chrome Blog