Google Hardware has an identity crisis, the Pixel 3XL isn’t going to change that

Since the announcement of the Pixel product line, Google has been trying hard to “mirror” Apple’s products year after year. As a big time Google fan, I can’t help but keep thinking that Google is desperately trying to mimic Apple products. In my opinion, iPhones are great but somewhat behind in terms of specs if compared to Samsung, LG, OnePlus and other Android phones manufacturers.

by now, we have seen a CRAZY amount of leaks of the Pixel 3XL to the point that we feel like it was released already. The 3XL will sport (according to the leaks at least) a 6.3-inch P-OLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 and 440 ppi (Note 9 is 519 ppi), Snapdragon 845, a mere 4GB of RAM (most flagships have a minimum of 6GB in 2018), 64/128GB internal storage, no microSD slot, 12.2MP rear camera with f/1.8 sensor, 2 front 8MP cameras, 3,430 mAh camera, wireless charging (finally again), dual front speakers and Active Edge.

Now let’s talk about why Google has an identity crisis. The notch. Yes the freaking notch. For the life of me, I don’t understand what the thought process of the hardware department in implementing a notch other than blindly copying Apple. The new notch is very reminiscent of a Jeep logo. It simply makes the display look weird and disproportionate. Just try watching a video in landscape mode.

Some notable features that could have been improved is the 4GB RAM which I wish it was 6GB. LAst year’s Pixel 2XL has lot of freezing/slowdown issues with the camera, display, animations and performance. See Artem Russakovskii’s tweet (Google even sent an engineer to his house to assess the situation) below:

IP67? Are you kidding me Google? this is 2018. Most flagships or maybe all of them have an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. If you’re going to sell your phones in the $1000 price range, please include the damn IP68.

The Pixel 3XL display is pretty much going to be the same as the one in the 2XL. This is another downer if you ask me because it isn’t really that great to look at to be honest. My 2XL screen looked dimmed down, dark when outdoors and the colors weren’t “punchy.”

Google is missing the point here. Most folks who go for Pixel phones have some good understanding of phone technology. The average consumer on the other hand go for a Samsung or an iPhone. Why not at least cater to those of us who actually appreciate a good piece of hardware when designing the 3XL, 4XL or whatever else comes after? Pricing is another one. For around $1000 or a little more, Google is asking us to pay for a premium phone without giving us one. Yeah the camera is ridiculously great. Yeah the software is bloatware-less and smooth. Unfortunately, the overall package doesn’t warrant the value. Google has come out yesterday with a video telling us not believe the leaks and that they will somehow surprise all of us.

Until then: Google, you have an identity crisis. Prove me wrong.

Zack has always been a fan of anything with the tag "Gadget" on it, he has had used almost every phone brand except for the Palm and owns a Pixel XL as his daily driver. His favorite camera is the Olympus EM-1 Mark II. He is a full-time father of two great boys and happily married to his wife. Did we mention the Zack loves Video games? Add him to you circles: Google+

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