Google Goggles updated; can now automatically search every picture you take, if you want it to


Version 1.6 of Google Goggles can now automatically search every picture you take from your phone

Google Goggles was updated today with a feature that many people will find very useful. The app was update to version 1.6, and this updated version of the app now lets you search every picture that you take, regardless if the picture is taken using the Goggles app or the phone’s camera app. The feature is an opt-in feature, so if you don’t want to use the feature, you simply disable it.

Now, instead of launching the Goggles app in order to have the application identify an image, you will be able to simply snap a picture using your phone’s default camera app. To get started, simply download the updated version of Google Goggles. Once downloaded and installed, click the menu button and then settings. In the settings screen, enable the “Search from Camera” option. Once enabled, simply snap a pic using your regular camera. Google Goggles finds any type of match, you will be notified via the notification bar. The search takes place in the background without user intervention.

If you don’t know what Google Goggles is, check out the video below. To grab the updated app, head over to the Android markert or simply scan the QR code below.

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