Google Drive cloud storage service launching soon, according to Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s competitor to popular cloud-based storage services such as Dropbox,, Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s Skydrive, is set to launch soon. Unfortunately, soon could be a couple of weeks or months.

Google’s Drive will allow users to upload videos, pictures, documents, and more, which will be accessible on multiple devices by simply signing on to your Drive account. The service will be free to most consumers and businesses, but a fee would be charged to those who require a lot of storage space.

A service like this from Google is already in place, kind of. You have Google Docs for storing your documents, Youtube for your videos, Picasa for your pictures, Google Music for your music. I guess Google’s Drive would be nice if it was a central location where one could access al of the data stored on Google’s cloud. In addition, Google Docs also allows you to save any file you want, not just documents.

If Google does release Drive, you can be sure than an Android app will be available.

Now we just wait a few weeks….or months.

Source: Wall Street Journal | via The Verge

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